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Why telling your story is important

Pressure is this epitome of how you think you ought to live your life based on a long-held unquestioned story.

But deep within you there is a calling, a calling of its own kind, a unique song whispering words of courage, survival and strength.

This is the echo of your story. The echo of the story patiently waiting to be told.

This story is a part of you, embedded deep within your essence.

Perhaps you’ve conditioned yourself to hear your story through ears of judgment and in doing so shut doors to transformation and opportunity.

What if you were open to inviting your story, without judgment, like a child ready to listen to a good story with eyes wide open ears perked up?

If only we had the curiosity of a child to accept, listen and embody our inner story.

Your story, whatever it may be, is a worthy story waiting to be weaved into existence of other stories which have shaped the world.

Each story is pertinent to our survival and existence.

What is your story? Is it a past hurt? Is it a long forgotten dream? Or an exciting idea?

In each story there are metaphors, symbols, lessons and threads of wisdom that touch us in different ways.

Telling your story plays an important part in our collective healing and growth. As you tell your story, you become whole and integrated. Others around your become whole and integrated. It’s a ripple effect.

You story plays a bigger part, believe it or not. Don’t underestimate it.

What story haven’t you told for fear of repercussion, judgement, shame or even betrayal?

Telling your story will help you shape your mission and clarify your purpose. It becomes a framework for living your life with purpose and meaning.

In sessions with me women will often share: “This is the first time I’ve ever told this to anyone”. They seem surprised at themselves for talking about something which they’ve never shared with anyone before.

And yet, soon after, I witness these same women start to embody their presence, feel their power and get clear of their purpose. They are no longer scared to ask for what they want or need.

Until you can let it live and breathe, the untold consequences of your story will be a driving force in whatever happens in your day to day life.

An untold story is an unspoken truth. An unspoken truth is unlived life.

Is there a story that you need to tell?

It’s possible that holding back from telling your story is also holding you back from something else in life, like speaking your truth in relationships or speaking up or sharing your ideas at work. Or something else.

If you know that you have a story to tell, here is what you can do:

  1. Commit to telling your story. If your story is one of pain and suffering then telling your story can empower you to live your life with purpose and meaning – and joy and fun!
  2.  Tell you story by:
    • Journalling about it;
    • Telling a friend you trust and know won’t judge you;
    • Seeing a professional to support you in telling the story.
    • Through creative means such as painting, drawing or collaging.
  3. Notice the themes/phrases through your story.
    For example: “No-one listened to me”, “I couldn’t get it right” or ”I felt cheated”. These themes are clues to your greater purpose in life.


Unless we tell our story we can never fully know ourselves. Telling our story helps us reclaim lost parts of ourselves. It helps us to know ourselves deeper.

When we can tell our story, we can play a bigger part in our life and stop holding back from taking risks and creating opportunities.

It will gives the strength and courage to step into our greatness and go for what we really want.

To your empowered journey,
Suzi Petrozzi.

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