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Take your strengths to the next level

Do you ever feel like that you should be doing more than what you are? Or that perhaps where you are right now in your life is not enough? That you need to be more than what you are?

Today I want to let you know that you are enough. And that you have enough.

My biggest lesson for 2018 was the realisation that I already have what I need. Somehow, we think we need more training or need to implement new systems or to have a new phone to function more efficiently. By focusing too much on these things, we often overlook our core strengths and give away our power to something that doesn’t quite fit with who we are.

If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t! Learning to trust your intuition and listening to your inner voice will help you get back into the flow. My advice for living with purpose and intent is:

  • That doing less is more
  • Do what works and focus on what is already working
  • Stay focused on what you’re good at
  • Do what comes naturally and effortlessly and just continue to build on that
  • Focus on being more discerning about decisions you make

And how can we achieve this?

By digging deep inside ourselves. Our ability to make clear and confident decisions is correlated with our ability to listen and trust ourselves. As I keep learning, the more I can let go of the outside noise and the more clearly, I can hear my own voice and trust it.

I have learned through entrepreneurship that achieving success is about making those extra little advances. The things which don’t actually require doing anything new, they are just the next level of something you do already well.

For example, if you are really good at forming connections and making things happen by collaborating with people, then instead of chasing new people, why not look over your existing connections and look at how you can make something amazing happen?

What is it that you are chasing right now?

We can get distracted easily by the ‘shiny object syndrome’ which are things that promise us the world but are more style than substance. Some of these shiny objects may be just what you need at times – like a great deal on a holiday! But I want you to be discerning about what is out there and question it. Not with fear, but with clear intent and purpose. Decide whether it can serve you any better than what you are already doing.

So, for this month please know that you are a unique human being and you can make powerful changes and advancements in your life by simply honing in and getting crystal clear on what you already do well.

And then take it to the next level!

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