A few lessons to help you embrace your journey

It’s two weeks since The Empowered Woman Live Retreat and I wanted to share a few reflections which I hope

Are you a mental hoarder?

Have you heard of the term mental hoardering?    Mental hoardering is when we clutter our mind with too much worry

Dealing with Difficult People

The most common question I get asked about my work is: “Do you take your work home?” The immediate answer

Damaging Contracts

What are your unwritten rules on living your life? What kind of binding contracts have you signed off on that

Why telling your story is important

Pressure is this epitome of how you think you ought to live your life based on a long-held unquestioned story.

A powerful way to finish off 2018

It’s an interesting time of the year.  It can easily become a time of pressure, busyness and absent-mindedness in order

When your system requires rebooting

Whenever you call a help line for assistance with technology, what’s the first thing that they always ask? It’s “have

Stop trying so hard

Have you ever found yourself thinking what is the point of it all? Especially, when things don’t seem to be


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