For your mind body and spirit

Do you feel like you drift through life, following a set routine? Do you always put others’ needs and happiness

Power is not what you think it is

Power is an interesting word. Often when we think about someone who has power, or who is powerful we conjure

Damaging Contracts

What are your unwritten rules on living your life? What kind of binding contracts have you signed off on that


The theme for International Women’s Day this year was #balanceforbetter, which refers to creating a more gender balanced society. It’s

The Gold Standard of Success

If you want to have the courage to take risks and trust yourself as you take those risks, you need

Why telling your story is important

Pressure is this epitome of how you think you ought to live your life based on a long-held unquestioned story.

Make this year soar

Gift yourself this moment. As you’re reading, take a few deep breaths, then close your eyes and imagine what it

Empowerment Boosters To Keep Your Focused and Present

The New Year is still fresh and there is ample opportunity to make a new start. It’s never too late

A powerful way to finish off 2018

It’s an interesting time of the year.  It can easily become a time of pressure, busyness and absent-mindedness in order

Sisters are doing it for themselves … and the past!

At our recent retreat in Blue Mountains three sisters came together to work on themselves, each one on her own


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