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When your system requires rebooting

Whenever you call a help line for assistance with technology, what’s the first thing that they always ask? It’s “have you turned the item off then on again?”. Sometimes the simplest way to get something working properly again is to give it a break and let it reset.

In this way humans aren’t too different from technology! If we’ve been working consistently or repetitively on a project, then when we come to the end or the most crucial time, we have nothing left to give.

It is in these moments that a deep breath is required to still our mind and body, so we can focus on what we need to refuel to be at our peak again. There are many ways we can do this, from resting to nurturing. How do you press CTRL + ALT + DEL to get your system running again?

You may like to rest, pause and recharge after a period of intense work. Ditch the guilt of doing nothing and gift yourself time to just be. Learning to let go of the things you think you need to do and focusing on the things you want to do can be challenging. Read a magazine, sit and look at an inspiring view or binge watch that Netflix series!

Sleep is another way that you can help your body recover. Sleep helps balance our nervous system and gives our body the chance to refuel and reset. We do our best recovery when we rest. Take a nap if you feel exhausted or go to bed just that little bit earlier to get the best amount of sleep that your body needs.

You may like to take some quiet time to reflect on any lessons that need to be integrated into your life as a result of this busy period. What could you do differently next time to ensure that you don’t reach this level again? Meditation or journaling may be helpful tools for you.

Ask yourself what does your body need right now? Intuitively we all know what it most needs. Allowing yourself the space, time, attention and opportunities for nurturing or self-care are important. Conscious breathing, healthy food, alternative therapies or even a manicure can create this space for you. Whatever it is that you need, let it happen.

Most importantly, celebrate the achievement. Whatever brought you to this need to reboot, acknowledge it and congratulate yourself on a job well done. It doesn’t have to be a huge party. It could be a special treat or sharing the achievement with someone who you know will share your joy with you.

I was recently brought to the point of reboot after facilitating The Empowered Woman Live Retreat twice within a relatively short period of time. It was important for me to just lay low for a few days to ensure that my energy was rebalanced. I did that through sleep and conscious breathing, and today I received some great chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture and nourished my body with good food. For me that meant plenty of fruit! I love fruit and always have, so eating some delicious fruit that’s in season has also been supporting me to reset my body.

Doing something for yourself is not lazy. It’s not self-indulgent. It’s a necessity to be able to allow our body and minds to function properly so we can have the space and understanding to embrace our purpose in life.

I have a few places available this month for private coaching that can help you create this space, find your edge and uncover your true purpose. Click here to book a convenient time to have a chat to explore whether private coaching can help you in your life.

Suzi Petrozzi

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