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Stop trying so hard

Have you ever found yourself thinking what is the point of it all? Especially, when things don’t seem to be going your way?

For example, you give it your best at work. You know you’re good at what you do. You’re talented and skilled. You come up with innovative ideas and solutions to problems; you deliver great results but you don’t get the recognition that you feel you deserve. You don’t feel heard. This is common with women I see.

They exercise, go to the gym, do yoga, meditate, keep a gratitude journal,  but still the results are not matching their efforts, time and energy.

Their odometer of fulfilment isn’t shifting by much.

Sometimes they ask themselves:  “What am I doing wrong?”

It can seem like wandering the streets without any navigation yet desperately trying to get to the destination!

It’s confusing. Tiring. Overwhelming. Draining. And arduous…

We can all relate to that I promise you, because it’s part of our journey in this rich tapestry of life to learn how to undo all the things that we’ve been conditioned to and learn how to do live our life by trusting our own insights and knowing when and how to act on these.

More and more we are being guided to listen, honour and act on our truth. And while others can guide us to go within, as I do in my work with women, no one knows our truth as well as we do.

But it can be heard amidst the noise of today’s world to tune in and hear our truth. Especially if we don’t intentionally set the time and the space to do so.

And yet, insight is important because it creates movement.

Michael Brown, author of The Presence Process says that if we ignore insight (inside) we remain bedazzled by outsight (outside).

The wonderful thing about confusion, overwhelm and frustration and the rest of the these emotions is that these are our trusted allies signalling that we’ve disconnected from our SELF and ignored our own truth.

When this happens, we disconnect from our presence, power and purpose.

And it becomes challenging to open the portal to our potential and be flexible about how to achieve our goals and stay committed to our vision.

So what can help us to reconnect?

When we get present, we can reconnect to our power, and have the choice to own our vulnerability and the clarity to stay aligned with our purpose.

This is when our internal guidance mechanism kicks in and starts to clear out the cobwebs of frustration, overwhelm, confusion and so on. And we can truly see what is right and true for us.

So, when confused, overwhelmed and feel like you’re off track, know that the only reasonable and wise step is to get back to being present. 

Presence is the process of embodying and integrating who we are. It means switching on our self-awareness.

It’s in the space of self-awareness that we have the power to re-author the stories that have shaped of our past, present and future.

In our self-awareness lies expansion and possibility.

It’s the space where we can start to feel the rhythm of life again. We feel it move through us and gently carry us through ebbs and flows.

And instead of reacting to these ebbs and flows, we learn to allow this loving partnership to flow more organically.

And as we connect to that awareness we become more accepting and less judgemental.

Not everyone is ready for expansion and growth because awareness means saying no to drama.

Saying no to drama is the key ingredient to experiencing consistent successful shifts in our life.

One way to consciously disconnect from drama, your and others, is to schedule free time to allow yourself to be and your mind to wander without the need to censor or judge.

Daniel Goleman calls this being in a creative cocoon: free time where we can sustain open awareness and say yes to the right ideas, connecting with the right memory within the right context. This is where insight, creativity, ideas and joining-the-dots can happen. Creative cocoon is a cool place to be in!

So, whilst goals and vision are an important part of the equation for living a more abundant and fulfilling life, if they’re not supported with self-awareness, they are likely to become meaningless, effortful and at mercy of life’s unexpected curve balls.

So, if you want to stay more present, connected to your power and aligned with your purpose:

Commit to scheduling at least 20mins a week of creative cocoon time.

To your growth and expansion,

Suzi Petrozzi.

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