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Still Your Mind

Get still… very, very still.

Bring your awareness into your body and let it rest there.

There is no structure here. No deadlines. No timelines. No checklists.

It’s ok to be here. It’s your birthright to be here.

Greet your Self here. Greet and be with your presence. Your power. Your purpose. Without needing to get a handle on it. But simply be with it all.

This is the portal to your potential.

Stay with it and let go of any questions, doubts, uncertainty…

Dive deep and allow yourself to be here.

As you dive, greet the stillness…or maybe the void or feeling of restlessness, frustration or sadness. It’s ok, whatever shows up.

Sit and embody your stillness as the echo of all your expectations becomes more distant.

Make a conscious decision to leave it all behind. Let it dissolve…

See whatever you meet. Even if it’s not stillness. Be with that whatever meets you. Whatever wants your attention. Whatever comes to meet you. Be willing to be with it.

Any part of you that you meet is as perfect as any other part.

See it for what it is.

Dive deeper and know it’s ok to be here in your own stillness without the need to do something with it.

Even if it’s wonderfully inspiring and exciting, just be with it, without the need to have to transform it, make it into something or share it with the world.

First, share it fully with yourself so it can transform you.

Embrace the stillness….without the need to justify to others why you choose to be here. Why you choose to embody stillness as you disembody everything which is not you in any given moment.

Disembody that which pulls your attention and feels heavy, uneasy or murky.

Simply embody what is here.

Let go. Truly let go of the need to have to say or do something.

The need to have to let others know that you know.

The need to fill the void when answers or solutions are not immediately obvious. Let this apply to all of your life, people in your life and situations you find yourself in.

Let the rumbling and the jumbling in you mind start to dissolve as you drop into your body. And feel the stillness. The presence.

Embody it, like you’re wearing it. Like you are dressing yourself in it and truly owning it.

Let it fit you tight and snug. Let it hold and support you. Let it guide you.

Show up from that place of awareness. This is your point of power. There is no right or wrong here. No beliefs. But simply seeing things for what they are.

Now, you might say to me: “But,Suzi I need to get stuff done! I have lists, meetings, difficult people to deal with and the rest! I’m super-busy!”

And I say: {!name_fix}, there is no price to pay for being. So let that guide you as you work your way through your lists, dreaded meetings and difficult people. Show up and be in all of those situations, with all of those people, from one moment to the next.

This is the best you can do for yourself right now, at this point in time. Everything else that needs to be and wants to be, will naturally unfold.

When you can be more and more, then you will truly know which parts of your checklist need to drop-off, which meetings you no longer need to attend and which people you no longer need to deal with.

That is what happens when we stay present, in our power and on purpose.

Listen to my 10min “STILL YOUR MIND” meditation here.

You can download it for FREE. No sign up needed.

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To Your Empowerment,

Suzi Petrozzi.

P.S. I’ve had a few conversations recently with men who asked me if I plan on creating the equivalent of The Empowered Woman Live retreat for them. This is definitely part of our vision and John (my husband) and I are working toward that and will let you know when we are ready to launch it.

For now though, if you would like the opportunity to experience the transformation of The Empowerment Process in a 1:1 six-month mentoring program, you can reach out and let me know via my FB page, website or by replying to this email.


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