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Sisters are doing it for themselves … and the past!

At our recent retreat in Blue Mountains three sisters came together to work on themselves, each one on her own personal journey seeking to discover herself and grow as a woman.

Beautiful, strong, graceful and generous in heart, to me they represented the Three Sisters majestically poised, just a few kilometres away from Leura where our retreat was being held.

Aboriginal legend has it that these beautiful Three Sisters had fallen in love with three brothers from another tribe, yet tribal law forbade them to marry (SOURCE

The Three Sisters remain in their magnificent rock formation as a reminder of the battle that took place between different tribes, for generations to come.

They are simply stunning and worth the visit if you haven’t seen them yet.

Each family carries generational attitudes, myths, taboos, expectations, labels and legacy of trauma that come down a family tree and they all influence how family members will deal with any experience and what kinds of relationships they will have (McGoldrick, 1995).

Some of these generational attitudes, often deeply ingrained beliefs, can be disempowering for generations to come and keep families stuck in a vicious cycle of blame, shame, guilt, anger, resentment…

But as an individual member of our family we don’t need to succumb to disempowering patterns which have continued for generations.

We have a choice to re-write history.

We have a choice to decide which rules, beliefs or traditions are no longer serving us and consciously choose new beliefs to guide us forward into a different future.

The three sisters who attended The Empowered Woman Live retreat attended the retreat to re-write their past ancestral lineage- whether they were consciously aware of this or not. And the fact that they were three members from the same family was a trifecta! Imagine the power in this!

When we decide to make changes in our own lives and choose to live with more presence, power and purpose (three of my five Principles to Empowerment) we finally begin to break rigid beliefs and ingrained patterns which trickled down many generations.

So, what has this go to do with The Empowered Woman Training that I offer?

Each family passes on stories of how women are expected to live their life. Some are empowering stories. Others not so.

We need to learn from both empowering and disempowering stories.

In order to learn from our ancestors and immediate family we need to tell the stories and heal the long held shame, guilt or resentment, even if it means rocking the boat for the rest of the family.

After all, stories are there to teach us and help us pass on lessons for the next generation so they don’t repeat the same mistakes.

By making conscious our family’s beliefs system, traditions, rules relating to women, their role and place at home and in society, we are in a better place to decide what we believe we can do as women, what we believe are our rights, and whether we believe it’s okay to honour our desires, needs and wants.

In doing so, we start to understand ourselves better and we realise that we don’t have to be defined by our past or our family and that we can start to put the ghosts of past to rest.

By deciding how we want to be treated, be it as a woman or a man, we can start to separate ourselves from the past and

give ourselves the permission to see the world through our very own eyes.

This will give us the confidence and the courage to make decisions that will help us improve our life, our family’s life, our children’s lives and create a positive impact in the world- and a better future.

In my work, I find that women mostly know what they need to do to move forward but often don’t know how to do it or lack the right support to cheer them on. The voices of their past generations can be so strong and loud enough to stop them in their tracks of moving forward and choosing to live a different life.

If you’re committed to a different life, for yourself and your family (be it future or current), I invite you to put aside only three days out of your life, to re-write your history and put old ghosts to rest at next year’s The Empowered Woman Live retreat happening on 24th-26th May 2019.

Why join and register now?

Because the price of our retreats will be going up to $1997.

So you have until the end of November to secure your place for only $997.

If you’re committed and ready for change then reserve your place for only $997 here:


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