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My vision is inspiring a world of connected leaders, who have the confidence to show their vulnerability when encouraging others to reach their full potential.

When it comes to organisations, I focus on how and why people sabotage their own behaviour and their relationships with others. Few people are willing to look at the cracks of their own behaviour, take full responsibility and own what is not working for them.

That’s really the main difference between those that are moving forward and those that remain stuck. People who seem to be aware of their behaviour, take responsibility and work on their flaws, experience less struggles and rarely buy into victim mentality.

Changing sabotaging behaviours is a conscious decision which requires taking proactive steps to make change stick. But it needs to be supported with mentoring and coaching.

I work with leaders who are prepared to take responsibility, accept what is not working, be challenged and commit to change.

Why would you invest in empowering your leaders and employees?

Because they are the backbone of your company. And when you bring out the best in your people, you bring out the best in your organisation. This is the way to unlocking your company’s potential.

I like to think of a company or a business as a living organism and an extension of the people in it, particularly its leaders, managers, directors and CEO’s.

They set the tone which trickles down to its people and to every aspect of a company. This organism functions at its optimal when leaders’ intention is to engage and inspire their employees to uncover their unique skills and talents and encourage them to use these in their roles and in engaging with their fellow employees and beyond.

If we are not present and able to fully show up for who we are and who we can become then we cannot use our power authentically to serve our purpose and continue to expand our potential and create possibilities, not just for ourselves but others.

This is a process of growth and an essential part of becoming an empowered leader and it’s part of 5 P’s of The Empowerment Process I teach in workplaces:

Presence, Power, Purpose, Potential and Possibilities.

When we can stay present, in our authentic power and on purpose we continually gain insight and understanding about disempowering emotional and behavioural patterns, for ourselves and others,  and we’re in a better position to implement the right action to create positive and sustainable change.

It helps us to recognise our own fear and lead not just from our head, but from our heart and intuition.

Growth is an ongoing process and so is empowerment which opens doors to change, possibility and much more sustainable results and outcomes.

If we expect people to know how to do this in the workplace we potentially set up an impasse.

Since we each bring our own stories, assumptions and beliefs to the workplace, in order for these to be challenged and changed, people need to first feel safe, supported and listened to, if any kind of change is to happen.

What my clients say

We were lucky enough to have Suzi present at the Women in Business discussion group on the topic ‘5 ways to gain unstoppable momentum in your personal & professional life’. Suzi’s passion for the topic really shone through and she was very approachable, honest & knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her as a speaker.

Thank you so much for the support that you have given Dress for Success Sydney and the Career Support Program. It was greatly appreciated by our clients as they have found the sessions that you conducted very informative. One clients stated: I could listen to Suzi all day, she makes me think hard about what I should be doing with my life.

Suzi’s strong presentation skills encouraged questions and participation from an audience of 100 attendees consisting of both men and women.  She set the template for a year of change within our organisation where women have been encouraged to speak their truth and have a greater belief in themselves and the power to progress their careers, while also thinking about their work life balance.

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