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Gain clarity on what on you want your life to be with Suzi’s personal transformation retreat.

You’ll be guided through transformative processes to help you:

  • Clear and resolve emotional barriers
  • Understand why and how you disempower yourself, and learn tools you can use to empower yourself.
  • Reconnect to your inner power so you can learn to trust yourself and live life with confidence.
  • Discover and align with your personal mission, purpose and vision.
  • Take conscious action with intention and purpose so you can always stay on track.

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The Empowered Woman Retreat

Level 1

In this 3 day retreat work on getting clarity on what on what they want your life to be,  become present and grounded in who you are, and discover your vision, purpose, mission with meaningful goals and a plan of action.

The Empowered Woman Retreat

Level 2

The Empowered Woman Level 2 retreat is designed takes you to your next level of growth.

Attendance at level 2 is by invitation only.

What people say about Suzi’s Retreats

“The retreat is sure to change your life. It’s an empowering experience. Though it can be confronting at times, it’s a very safe space and you can trust the process. Suzi is calm, non-judgmental, and open in her approach. She meets you wherever you’re at.”

“I wanted to continue working on myself and work out what obstacles I needed to address. At the retreat I could pinpoint areas that I needed to work on and improve.”

“I wanted to check in and align with my priorities and get clarity on what my intention is and how I can move forward. Level 2 helped me identify my upper limit problems and how much it was consuming and stagnating me.”

“A great opportunity to spend three awesome days with a group of very supportive women who are on a very similar journey. You get to have so much fun and learn some amazing life changing skills as well.”

“This retreat has given me a clear picture of what my genius is and I’m ready to declutter and delegate to free my time so I can do things I dream of doing. I’m excited to get back into life, be more courageous and discover more of what makes me feel more me”

“If you want to really get to know yourself what you stand for, have a memorable fun weekend and be in flow, then go for it!”

“Suzi not only supports you but also shares her own life experiences. This keeps it real and creates a safe environment to share and not feel judged. Seems, we are all similar in the way we sabotage our full potential. Suzi helps guide you into having further insight into YOU and what matters to YOU. It’s not about rehashing life but all about moving forward.”

Empowered Woman – Level 2 Retreat

This retreat is offered to women who have attended The Empowered Woman Level 1 Retreat  at least twice.

Since transformation is an ongoing journey of self-discovery and awakening, The Empowered Woman Retreat Level 2 is designed to take women to their next level of growth by further tapping into their potential , challenging their mindset and expanding what they think is possible for their life.

The Empowered Woman Level 2 is designed takes women to their next level of growth by helping them identify blind spots and “unfinished business” in emotional integration and healing.

Level 2 processes is about helping women learn to let go with greater awareness and trust.

Following the level 2 retreat women have shared “feeling ready, enlightened and at peace to achieve what they felt was not possible and to break norms!”

Attendance at level 2 is by invitation only. Enquire about level 2 below.

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