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Suzi has worked with hundreds of women over the past 17 years, both young and older generations, to help them reconnect to who they truly are and empower them to live life in a way that feels authentic to who they are.

Forge a new path for yourself and play an influential role in lives of others.

While it may be scary at first to take the leap to reclaim lost parts of yourself, or parts you never even knew existed, once you do, you can never look back. You are not the same person.

When women give themselves the permission to put themselves first and learn to trust their intuition, I witness women transition into more loving relationships, meaningful careers, better health, increased confidence, greater risk-taking, ownership of their decision-making, empowerment and going for bigger goals.

This is what it means to be an empowered woman: To dare to put yourself first for the benefit of all. I want you to look back on life and say:

“I did that and I’m proud that it not only fulfils me but it’s part of something bigger than me and I left my mark here.” – Suzi Petrozzi

Give yourself the most powerful gift; The Gift of Growth.

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Maximise Opportunities in Work & Life

If you’re ready to create moment and be on track with your life then this is a great place to start.

The Empowered Woman Online Program

If you’re ready to create moment and be on track with your life then this is a great place to start.

Master Your Emotions – Activate Your Brilliance

If you ready to learn more about yourself and why you feel the way you feel then this course is for you.

What people say about Suzi’s courses

This it is a great opportunity to connect with yourself to find your center and be your own biggest fan if you allow yourself to be. Suzi is an amazing guide, and I say guide because she doesn’t make you think anything that isn’t already fully within yourself to begin with. Be open to being vulnerable to your thoughts and feelings and enjoy the journey because that’s what it is.

The Empowered Women’s Bootcamp really helped me to break down some of the areas I need to work on.

The major challenges I faced revolved around self-confidence, trusting myself and others, self-sabotage, as well as taking on too much to my detriment. I’ve started to establish some boundaries since finishing the program, which has been helpful.

Abundant and resourceful coursework.

Learning how to make decisions was incredible powerful, and how to make them in alignment with my new values. I realised that a lot of my issues and discomfort stemmed from making decisions based on what other people think or to please people and thus regretting them, making bad decisions, wasting time and money. I wish someone had taught me this as a young girl! Learning my sabotages and working through them created such a tangible physical and mental shift and I’m now much more mindful about who I am and who I want to be.

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