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How To Reclaim Your Power

Did you know that when you’re engaged in doing something bigger than yourself you tend to wake up feeling more inspired, energised and on purpose?

You allow life force to flow through you and guide you into action.

You don’t tend to sweat the small stuff because you’re focussed on the bigger picture.

You look at problems as exciting challenges and opportunities, even during difficult times.

You take bigger leaps, make bolder decisions, connect and collaborate with visionaries and together make a global difference.

And with this kind of life freedom, meaning, fulfilment and joy.

But all of this comes with training, growth and development. It comes with time, energy and the discipline to commit to your growth and your dreams.

It comes with having the right foundation to keep building the blocks of growth, confidence, insight, knowledge, support, trust and so on.

So, how do you prepare, build and set up the right foundation so that you can feel more inspired, energised, and on purpose in your life?

Let’s come back to empowerment. If we break down the word it means to be in your power.

Power comes from knowing yourself intimately in a way that you recognise, hold and accept your strengths, weaknesses, competencies, talents… and your sabotages.

To accept is to be able to own all of it. Owning it is saying I’m ok with it because I choose to learn and grow from it all. Especially your sabotages which hold you back from moving forward and getting ahead in life in a way that fulfils you.

Easier said than done.

There’s power in knowing your sabotages, owning them and allowing them to guide you into growth and success, instead of judgment, criticism, blame and shame. I witnessed it for the hundredth time a few days ago. 

I was with a new client. it was our second session and I was helping her identify her sabotaging behaviours, thoughts and beliefs. I then helped her release emotions which kept her trapped in the vicious cycle of feeling “less than”.

Can you imagine how she felt after this process? Relieved!!

On the outside she was a high functioning, smart and savvy senior executive, and successful in her career but on the inside she was suffering.

After this process, my client looked visibly different. I had to take her in front of the mirror so she could see the changes for herself: her eyes were clearer, her face softened, and her chest was more open. And most importantly she was smiling…

To identify your sabotaging beliefs is to reclaim your power. Everything else becomes more effortless and purposeful because your learn how to use your sabotages to propel you forward not hold you back.

I love taking clients through this process. Its powerful. And changes are immediate and obvious on so many levels, both physical and emotions and trickle into every area of your life.

I want more women to experience these breakthroughs. I don’t want you to hold back and settle for less because.

This why I’m selecting motivated women to register interest for my upcoming The Empowered Woman Bootcamp to help you breakthrough your sabotaging beliefs, get clear on your values, and discover your mission, purpose and vision- just to name a few of amazing life gifts that you’ll walk away with.

If you’re interested and would like the opportunity to work with me in this  8-week online program mentorship program the register your interest now. 

The benefits of registering your interest now means you get exclusive bonuses and prework to get you  feeling clearer, more inspired and on purpose right away,


The post How To Reclaim Your Power appeared first on Suzi Petrozzi.

The post How To Reclaim Your Power appeared first on Suzi Petrozzi.

The post How To Reclaim Your Power appeared first on Suzi Petrozzi.

January 25, 2018

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