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The Gold Standard of Success

If you want to have the courage to take risks and trust yourself as you take those risks, you need to be able to confront, accept and question your life every day- this includes your own behaviour.

It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of

diffusive responsibility

thinking that someone else will take care of something, that things will change with time or that a person will change and everything will get better.

This is complacency and denial. And I see it all too often.

I point it out to my clients when I know they are being complacent or in denial about something because I don’t want them to keep sabotaging their success and growth.

After all, they’re paying me to mentor and coach them to become more empowered and successful and my role is to help them see what they’ve chosen to settle for in life.

It’s my job to help them lift the foggy veils and see another possibility of how things can actually play out in their life. But I am only as successful in doing this as they are ready to trust change.

In confronting their reality, some of my clients are shocked because they’re in disbelief about what they’ve continued to allow for such a long time.

Others are relieved that they can know exactly why they were stuck or unable to create change in their life.

Clarity brings insight. Insight can bring change if followed by discerning action.

The key is accepting what you haven’t wanted to see. Not because it’s good or great.

Acceptance is about calling, naming and owning your behaviour.

This is the key ingredient in growth because it leads to unlocking a whole new layer of knowledge and cognisance.

With this new cognisance, or awareness and understanding of who you are now and what you want in life, you can take more empowered action.

Your action is symbolic of setting very clear boundaries on what you want and don’t want in life.

This is the ultimate gold standard of success:

Acceptance + Responsibility + Action


Success On Your Own Terms

In each training I offer, I begin with acceptance because this is directly associated with progress and achievement.

Every day you really ought to be taking an honest inventory about what needs to change in your life by asking:

1. Where have I complacently continued to accept something that I don’t like or agree with? e.g. You’re forgetful and think this is just part of life.
2. What have I turned a blind eye to? Not speaking up about bullying and harassment at work because you think “nothing will change”.
3. What have I accepted as a fact without questioning or checking if this is true for me and my life? e.g. It’s hard to find a new job because the market is saturated.
4. Where am I not confronting/owning a part of myself which is sabotaging my success? e.g. Finding excuses on why something won’t help or change things.
5. What have I talked myself into for sake of peace-keeping? e.g. Not starting your dream business because it will change the dynamics at home with your partner.

As you ask yourself these questions identify and accept areas that need changing. Only then then can you make real changes.

Making change is about deciding what you want to do and taking responsibility for creating this change.

This really is an act of setting a clear boundary with yourself first and then with the the world. You’re essentially getting very clear about how you want others to treat you.

If you know there are things that you need to accept and change in order to move forward but you’re really struggling to do this, then I can help you.

But I can only help you if you are absolutely ready to confront, own and accept your part in the way things have played out in your life.

If you are truly ready, then take this email as an opportunity to start making powerful changes, accelerate your growth and start to experience success in your life- before more has passed.

If this is you, then please connect with me here and schedule a time so we can have an open and honest conversation about what’s been holding you back.

You never know, this might just be the most confronting but life-changing decision you make in helping you take empowered action. SCHEDULE YOUR TIME HERE.

To your empowered journey,

Suzi Pettrozzi

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