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Finding your edge

You’re standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon. It is so vast, so deep, so dangerous!

Finding our edge is about tapping into our uniqueness, becoming conscious of our challenges in order to learn, grow and fulfil our purpose in life. It’s about exploring our limits, stepping away from our comfort zones and becoming fully aware in both mind and body. This sounds a little scary, and just like standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon, it can be!

At The Empowered Woman Live Retreats I walk participants through my 5Ps Empowerment. We use this process to help us to acknowledge and remain conscious of our life choices so that we can live with intention and purpose. This can also help us to work through the things in our life that are holding us back – from finding our edge.

Presence is a state of self-awareness of who you are and encourages you to embody every aspect of what you feel, sense and experience. This allows you to show up fully in your life and create space for you.

Once you have gained this self-awareness, reclaiming your power is about owning all the pieces that make you unique, both strengths and weaknesses. If we can identify and recognise our disempowering beliefs, then we can then choose new empowering beliefs to guide us forward in life.

These empowering beliefs become our building blocks for realising our potential and our vision.

Your purpose in life is guided by your values. Once you’ve identified your values, and then your purpose and vision, life becomes so much easier! You can make clear, confident decisions and have more clarity around how everything fits together to help us grow and evolve.

Finding our edge has its greatest impact with potential. The more that we can identify each challenge, no matter how big or small, as an opportunity for growth and evolution, the closer we get to our essence of who we truly are.

If we embrace all of these aspects of empowerment, then the possibilities for us become endless. When we are embracing self-care, gratitude and love then it allows us to further expand what is possible for our life. It is from this place that we become more clear on what our next steps are and why we need to take them.

If you would love help in finding your edge, then email me to join the waitlist for the next Empowered Woman Live Retreat at [email protected] If you would like to explore your edge further through private coaching, feel free to book in a time to have a chat with me.

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