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Difference That Makes A Difference

In my days of family therapy I learned about Gregory Bateson, who was an original thinker in the late twentieth century and way ahead of his times. He was also married to Margaret Mead- a side note.

Bateson saw connection and patterns in nature, people, animals- in all things. He was interested in how patterns were related and interrelated, in everything and everywhere.

He insisted that we should instead of breaking things apart and looking at things separately, try to bring things together and look at how they connect.

He would say “What is the pattern that connects?” And this pattern, the way I understand it now, is new information, or according to Bateson, difference that makes a difference. 

In other words, difference that makes a difference is new information which leads to change. It could be a new perspective, a new belief, or even a new hobby. It could be a new way of saying something to someone. It could be listening more and speaking less…

Whatever it is, it impacts change in some way.  And change effects relationships.

And this really got me thinking what is going to be the difference that’s going to make a big difference for me and the lives of others this year?

Since we’re all connected to each other, and everything around us, whether we’re fully aware of it or not,  what can I do differently this year, that is going to make a massive difference and have a lasting impact on my life and the lives of others?

For me it was consciously choosing to bring more love to every situation- more so than ever before. And over the three weeks that I’ve been doing this, I’ve experienced more ease, understanding, insight, and opportunities.

I’ve experienced more effortlessness in manifesting opportunities and what I really want. And we’re only titwo and a b weeks into the New Year!

I know that through bringing this conscious difference (love) into every situation, starting with myself, from the moment I wake up, I am creating a ripple of greater good in my life and on the lives of others; my family and friends, my clients, and people I haven’t even met yet!

So, what is going to be the difference that will make a big difference for you this year?

Here are some questions to stretch your thinking and take your beyond what you think is currently possible for you:

  1. What will continue to happen, or become a challenge if things continue as they are in your life, without you doing anything different this year?

  2. What worked in the past? What didn’t work and you need to stop doing to make sure you experience more fulfilment and success this year?

  3. What do you need to do that is different than you’ve done so far?

  4. If you do this, how would that be different than it is now or has been? What would start to change in your life?

  5. What difference would this make to you and others?

  6. Is there anything you need to do prepare for what you want to do differently? What can you do right away?

  7. Now commit to it and do it. Don’t leave til tomorrow. Action now creates momentum.  Momentum brings about change.

If you go through these questions and answer each one, the first quarter of 2018 will look very different for you. Can you imagine how much is possible by tweaking so little!!

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January 29, 2018

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