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Damaging Contracts

What are your unwritten rules on living your life? What kind of binding contracts have you signed off on that you now feel trapped by?

Without realising, we often have subconscious rules and conditions about how we ought to live our life. These damaging contracts hold us to a path that we know deep down inside that we don’t really want to travel. These contracts we have made often have imprinted within them special clauses and conditions which at times you may feel like there is no way out of. We feel as though there is no turning back. We feel as if we can’t veer off this track and create our own new path for life.

Contracts or conditions begin with:

• “I can’t do this because…”
• “No, because…”
• “If, then…”
• “It can’t be done…”
• “It’s too hard…”

And end with not taking action, not trying or not giving things a go.

If you find yourself saying or thinking this often, then perhaps it’s time to accept responsibility for these contracts and change it! This is not about looking at the negatives, but giving yourself the time and space to re-evaluate what’s happening and what steps you can take to change it.

Take time out – Allow the dust to settle from your daily activity. Remove the noise from your life so that you can notice the contracts that you have created in your life.

Schedule time – create regular time to reflect and contemplate each day. It may be journaling, meditating or even a daily walk around the block.

Bring awareness – what are the moments in time that you feel in your body that you contract or become tense? Who are you with? What do you believe about this situation of them?

Give yourself permission – to change these contracts

Revise the terms and conditions – where can you make the adjustments? Can you loosen them so that you can experience joy more often?

Change starts with self awareness. And self awareness is more likely to happen when you have the time and space to allow yourself to feel and evaluate the situation.

The Empowered Woman Live Retreats are the perfect opportunity to gift yourself this time and space. If you are ready to make positive change in your life and re-write your contracts, I would love for you to join us.

To your empowered journey,


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