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Navigating the currents of change

If there is one experience that can embroil us into confusion, fear and overwhelm it is change or transition of some sort, for it can bring about the unknown. Change can take different forms for different people and what one person experiences as change someone else may not, depending on their past and current life […]


When I reflect back on 2020 the word that comes to mind to sum up the year is ‘unwinding‘.  By this I mean unwinding who we thought we were; what we thought was important to us; what we thought we had to do or not do; who we thought we had to be or not be; how we thought things had be done; and […]

How to deal with feeling ‘raw’

The currents of life are moving intensely. Much is stirring and evolving in ways most of us have never experienced before.  Much wants to be birthed and stripped bare and this is terrifying. But so much is also changing for the better.  There is fear and beauty, both coexisting at the same time. Life is […]

Let’s share our story

Humans are hard-wired for connection and community. Since the beginning of time, sharing stories has been at the heart of our connection. Everyone has a story and everyone’s story is worth sharing. When we share our story and speak from our core we are destined to impact and uplift those who need it most. It helps […]

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Empowered Conversations

verb: empower: make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. noun: conversation: a talk, especially an informal one, between two or more people, in which news and ideas are exchanged. Having conversations, talking and listening is part of what I do everyday. I ask questions, challenge and explore with my […]

Where to from here?

This morning, on my way to school drop-off,  I noticed how ordinary life seemed: kids returning to school, parents chatting to each other, others heading to work, streets bustling with cars and cafes filling up with people again. Life appeared like everything was back to normal. But while things may look much the same, they […]

How do we grow in times like these?

We suck at allowing ourselves to get close to our pain and letting ourselves experience and express how bad it really feels. We are reactive. Quick to judge and fix it because this, to some degree, masks the intensity of our pain, but only in the short term.   We are quick to not let […]

Quieten the Chaos

There is no doubt that this moment in time is a turning point, both globally and individually. When everything around us is feeling out of control and chaotic, how can you quieten the storm within? The news is full of fear and uncertainty, peoples’ behaviour is questionable at best and buying groceries is a mammoth […]

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