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Are you ready to show up and shine to a whole new level?

Do you take time to dream and imagine your ideal life? In you mind’s eye can you see with great detail living a life that you love? What are you doing? How do you feel?

I do this a lot. In fact I do this most nights before I fall asleep and it’s what I look forward at the end of each day. I find it freeing. It’s my time to keep getting crystal clear on what I want my life to be.

And if I’m too tired then I tell my subconscious mind: “You know the drill’ and so my subconscious mind gets to work while I sleep. Sounds crazy, but it works. 

Something I used to visualise for a long time has been running personal and spiritual development retreats for women. This was over three years ago and now it’s a reality. I still in my mind’s eye dream about how I can continue to make these retreats more powerful, transformational and stunning!

 These retreats are the real deal. There is no put-on. No ra-ra. It’s organic. It’s real. It’s safe and loving. Uplifting and transformational.

I give it my all. I show up raw and vulnerable. I pave way for your vulnerability, owning, and celebrating.

I facilitate The Empowered Woman Live retreat to help women unleash their potential, own all of who they are and go for what they really want. And I’m excited to share that the retreat is coming up on Nov 3-5.

I witness women go through extraordinary changes right before my eyes. We don’t rehash the past. There is no time for that. We take courageous steps toward the future. This is your time to dream and turn those dreams into reality- whatever they may be.

 I’m amazed at the group of women that come each time. They come together to support and hold space for each other as I guide them through the Empowerment Process to help them reconnect to who they are.

 I love our morning bush walks on day two of the retreat.  The women in the photo below were early birds who came for this blissful bush walk at last retreat. After walking for 25 mins we reached Monya lookout which overlooks the stunning Jamison Valley. Here, we took a moment to meditate in silence, set our intentions and let the work on ‘presencing’ from day one settle and take root.

On our walk back to the hotel these women were no longer the same women who showed up on day one. Something shifted deep inside and took on a new hold. A new embodiment of who she is now and how she wants to live her life.

These retreats are profoundly life changing, there’s no doubt about that. Yes it’s challenging and confronting at times, but in that space of challenge you learn how to trust the process and most importantly trust yourself.

So I wonder, is this your your time to show up and shine on a whole new level? Is it your time to let go of the past and own and celebrate your story and who you are?

Is it your time to stop holding back and peel off those layers of heaviness, burden and pressure? You know what I mean, don’t you?

 Only you can answer that but you need to listen and trust your inner voice and act on it.

 To find out more or register for our upcoming The Empowered Woman Live retreat on 3-5 Nov go to:

 It’s time to start turning your dreams into reality!

I look forward to holding space for your transformation,

Suzi Petrozzi.

P.S. We’ve secured a great deal with our host hotel Fairmont Resort for your accommodation. You’ll get $200 off your stay!

P.P.S.You can bring a friend for almost $1000 off the original retreat price. Looks like all the cards are in your favour!

September 21, 2017

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