Life is an evolving journey with big challenges and transforming outcomes.

Meet Suzi

Life is an evolving journey with big challenges and transforming outcomes

Meet Suzi Petrozzi

Suzi Petrozzi is a mentor, facilitator, sought after speaker and an expert in the field of wellness psychology and human potential.

Working as a clinical psychologist for over 13 years led Suzi to develop her own model and coaching practice with a focus on wellness and enhancing human potential.  Her real passion is empowering women to be present, be in their power, and be on purpose.

My Begining

My personal inward journey began at a young age – because, I believe, as a young girl I had already become a human transplant, twice! First, my family moved from Australia, where I was born, to Croatia – where my parents wanted us to settle– when I was aged 4.

I have wonderful memories of the next few years, of long school summer holidays at the beach, and simply being myself with my friends.

Then, in the summer of 1991, war broke out in Croatia.

Two huge things happened as a result.

One, instead of me, my brother, my friends, and my community all being together, all being ‘one’ – suddenly everyone identified themselves as Bosnian, Croatian, or Serbian.

The lines were drawn and no one could change that. I happened to be a Bosnian Serb living in Croatia.

And two, for the first time in my life, I felt afraid of the future.

Because of the war, my family moved back to Australia. I felt uprooted, lost, even broken – and I was 13. I felt like I was lacking direction, lacking confidence, and yearning for clarity.

So, what did I do? I turned inward, searching for serenity amongst the chaos.

When I look back, my attraction to Eastern philosophies, meditation, and yoga was more of a calling than anything else. It wasn’t a conscious choice really, but more a need to seek answers, and to better understand my purpose in this world.

My Turning Points and finding my path

When I got married, I was encouraged by my chiropractor husband to attended a personal development retreat where I had one of those moments in life that can only be described as an “aha” moment. One of the retreat facilitators tore up a piece of paper in front of me and scattered all the pieces around.

Suddenly, all those feelings of not belonging, of not knowing, and of feeling scared for no obvious reason made sense. I could see those torn pieces as different parts of myself that I wasn’t acknowledging. They were parts I felt scared to talk about. I cast them away so I wouldn’t have to face judgement or rejection.

This epiphany also brought me back to another turning point in my career. I was working in adolescent mental health with a 14-year-old girl. In each session, she would look at the floor. As much as I tried, she wouldn’t engage with me – for months!

When I spoke with my supervisor about how inept I felt, she asked, “Do you think that’s how she feels most of the time?”

That changed something for me – I realised my client, this young woman, felt just like I did my whole life. I felt so connected to her, to everyone who feels lost, who yearns to reconnect with themselves.

After this, I knew I needed to change my path so I could do more for others, and for myself. Deep down I knew I had to leave my job as a traditional clinical psychologist so I could create my path on my own terms.

During this leap, I got married and had children. Now with two beautiful and generous little girls, I knew I couldn’t hold myself back anymore. Being grounded and living with purpose took centre stage for me so I could pass down the spirit of freedom and independence to them.

So, in my work today, I still create space for myself and my own inner work – learning to be a better version of myself is a never-ending journey, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sharing the gift of presence with you

The most beautiful gift I can share with others is being present in who I am – grounded, connected, and here in the moment with you. When I do that, I help you dive deep so that you start to discover and integrate who you truly are. This is where magic begins…

What my clients say

We were lucky enough to have Suzi present at the Women in Business discussion group on the topic ‘5 ways to gain unstoppable momentum in your personal & professional life’. Suzi’s passion for the topic really shone through and she was very approachable, honest & knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her as a speaker.

Thank you so much for the support that you have given Dress for Success Sydney and the Career Support Program. It was greatly appreciated by our clients as they have found the sessions that you conducted very informative. One clients stated: I could listen to Suzi all day, she makes me think hard about what I should be doing with my life.

Suzi’s strong presentation skills encouraged questions and participation from an audience of 100 attendees consisting of both men and women.  She set the template for a year of change within our organisation where women have been encouraged to speak their truth and have a greater belief in themselves and the power to progress their careers, while also thinking about their work life balance.

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