Experienced speaker, mentor, coach & clinical psychologist

My passion is empowering people to live a purposeful and meaningful life, free from stress, grief and trauma.

My services

1:1 Coaching

Psychology Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching or clinical psychology sessions to empower you to live a life of meaning and purpose

Online Programs

Online courses to learn how to live life on purpose and gain the tools to help you stay inspired, fulfilled, and focused.


Empowerment retreats to help you step outside your comfort zone and discover what is truly possible.


Inspirational speaking for corporate events to inspire and motivate employees, boost productivity and improve workplace morale.

Corporate Transformation

Suzi is an experienced motivational speaker in the corporate space and has presented to some of Australia’s & the worlds largest companies. She has worked with the following companies to help motivate employees to achieve their goals, build resilience and inspire personal growth:


Master Your Emotions – Activate Your Brilliance

Online Course

If you are ready to learn more about yourself and why you feel the way you feel then this online course is for you.

You’ll learn tools and processes to help you:

  • Better manage your emotions;
  • Deal with other people’s difficult emotions;
  • Stop feeling emotionally drained;
  • Discover more about yourself through powerful language of your emotions. And much more…

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Navigating change

Navigating the currents of change

If there is one experience that can embroil us into confusion, fear and overwhelm it is change or transition of some sort, for it can bring about the unknown. Change can take different forms for different people and what one person experiences…
Unwinding 2020


When I reflect back on 2020 the word that comes to mind to sum up the year is 'unwinding'.  By this I mean unwinding who we thought we were; what we thought was important to us; what we thought we had to do or not do; who we thought…

How to deal with feeling ‘raw’

The currents of life are moving intensely. Much is stirring and evolving in ways most of us have never experienced before.  Much wants to be birthed and stripped bare and this is terrifying. But so much is also changing for the better.  There…

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What my clients say

We were lucky enough to have Suzi present at the Women in Business discussion group on the topic ‘5 ways to gain unstoppable momentum in your personal & professional life’. Suzi’s passion for the topic really shone through and she was very approachable, honest & knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her as a speaker.

Thank you so much for the support that you have given Dress for Success Sydney and the Career Support Program. It was greatly appreciated by our clients as they have found the sessions that you conducted very informative. One clients stated: I could listen to Suzi all day, she makes me think hard about what I should be doing with my life.

Suzi’s strong presentation skills encouraged questions and participation from an audience of 100 attendees consisting of both men and women.  She set the template for a year of change within our organisation where women have been encouraged to speak their truth and have a greater belief in themselves and the power to progress their careers, while also thinking about their work life balance.

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