There is Never Enough Time and It’s Never the Right Time

How often do you find yourself wishing you could do something, but immediately dismiss the idea because you think you’re too busy? There’s too much housework to do, children need to be at activities or work is taking priority?

Time never exists on its own. It’s what happens in it. You have to shape it. You have to give it meaning.

– Esther Perel

You can not create more time. So, you need to use what you’ve got wisely!

It’s a common mistake to fill our time with ‘stuff’ or clutter making us believe that we don’t have enough time to do things for ourselves, or use the excuse that it’s not the right time. There’s always next week, next month, next year. But that time just never seems to come around.

We need to take the time that we have and use it to grow. To live, to dream, to do. As women we often tend to the needs of our families, prioritising them over ourselves and what we need and want in order to live a meaningful and purpose driven life. I see it time and time again. Women take a long time to say yes to something they want deep down.

It’s time to make the time.

Invest in who you are and in your dreams. You will always find an excuse not to do it because you’re scared of not living up to your own expectations. Don’t just take my word for it though.

“It’s so important to invest in yourself, and as women we don’t tend to do that often enough. Give yourself the permission to do something your future self will thank you for.” – Janja Bojanic, B2B Relationship Expert, Connection Consulting

“Suzi not only supports you but also shares her own life experiences. This keeps it real and creates a safe environment to share and not feel judged. Seems, we are all similar in the way we sabotage our full potential.  Suzi helps guide you into having further insight into YOU and what matters to YOU. It’s not about rehashing life but all about moving forward.” – Bernadette Payne, Founder of  “That’s My Style”.

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It’s All Part of the Journey

It’s been quite an interesting time of late!

Over the last month I’ve given myself time and space to integrate challenging emotional shifts.

I felt like I was being dealt a deck of difficult cards and I wanted to understand the rules and get on with with living my life because that’s what I do.

I wanted to grow and integrate these intense emotions quickly because I like to name my elephants and move on!

A client and I were sharing yesterday how growth, in expansive phase, can feel addictive. We love it because we feel powerful whereas contraction is something we tend to resist and usually avoid.

Contraction is when we need to slow down to integrate, feel, express and experience those intense emotions.

When we are contracting or in a state of “I don’t know what is going on or why I’m feeling what I’m feeling” we can’t see much further beyond what we are experiencing.

And just as well because when we are contracting we need to let go of what is out there and surrender to contraction or “shedding shit”-  a phrase we came to use often at our last level 2 retreat. Needless to say it was embraced by everyone! (Level 2 is a retreat for women who’ve attended The Empowered Woman Retreat ).

Contraction is important for our well-being and journey. It helps us heal and gives us insight into the next part of our journey.

But we don’t like it because we don’t like not knowing and feeling the intensity of our negative emotions.

And like with anything we don’t understand we seek to understand  by asking questions such as:

  • What does this mean?
  • What do I need to do?
  • What should I do?
  • How do I stop this or get out of this?

Staying in the question is important but challenging because it means asking but not doing. 

We ask these questions because it’s an in-built part of our growth mechanism.

There is nothing wrong with this when it’s done patiently but we mostly want to hurry the process and by-pass the experiencing and expressing part of contraction.

Yet this very process is what helps us to reposition our power. It’s how we gain insight, derive meaning and awaken our potential.

Questioning and doubting are inherent part of these experiences. They go hand in hand and their role is to help us check-in and stay aligned with our truth.

But too much self-doubt is also not good as it can lead to depression, anxiety and apathy.

When we understand the role of doubt and questioning we don’t need to have a strong hold on it.

Acknowledge it and allow yourself to drop into it without having to have a hold on what it is. We are being asked to dive deep into darkness.

Stay in doubt but do so with trust. Know that doubt is essential.

Doubt is a gift of insight and it’s part of our inner guidance system. 

If you ready to integrate challenging and contracting times in your life, you’ll learn how to do that at The Empowered Woman Retreat. Together we will dive deep to reclaim and realign your truth and own your fears.

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A Few Lessons to Embrace Your Journey

It’s two weeks since The Empowered Woman Live Retreat and I wanted to share a few reflections which I hope will help you, wherever you may be on your journey of growth and evolution.

At the retreat I was joined by an intimate group of women who came for the same reason:

  • to rediscover and reconnect to who they are;
  • to grow and develop;
  • to move forward in life with confidence and trust.

Our coming together was founded on trust, vulnerability and respect for one another other. This helped create a safe space in which we could be vulnerable. Only when we are vulnerable can we truly grow.

As a facilitator, now more than ever, I realise how important my role is in allowing the retreat to be all that it needs to be.

What do I mean by this?

Leading up to the retreat, more than ever, I took time out to be, reflect, contemplate, journal, rest and nourish myself. I allowed myself to play and meander. I wrote about this in my last blog.

How and what I do leading up to each retreat is very important to me because it determines how I show up at the retreat.

There wasn’t a whole lot of preparation that needed to happen. And yes, this makes sense given this was my eighth retreat. Still, I think I could have done a lot more of this even in my earlier retreats. Instead, I spent a lot of time looking over my slides, figuring out if they needed to be lighter or darker in colour or if the design was right!

I dropped pretences of who I thought I needed to be and instead showed up fully. It was just me and the women. We were in purposeful flow.

We worked in partnership and collaborative trust. They trusted me. I trusted them. I believed in them.

I listened. I sensed. I intuited. I felt. I trusted. I acted.

We created. 

As I stayed grounded in myself I was able to trust myself and create the space for women to do the same:

  • to trust in the process and most importantly trust themselves in the processes;
  • to delve deep, connect, discover, learn and embody who they are.

It was a beautiful co-creation of possibility, curiosity, growth, insight and love.

I didn’t walk away from the retreat feeling tired or exhausted. As I gave to them, I gave to myself too.

We all needed some down-time to process and just be without having to move into the next thing.

Having some transition time to move from one thing to the next is important. It helps us filter through, process, make meaning and be open to receive more.

So on Day 3 of the retreat, we gave ourselves time to sleep in and rest.

When we give ourselves what we need then we are able to receive even more.

My first retreat wasn’t like this. I was more controlling in how things needed to unfold. I was worried about doing things right.

So here are a few lessons and take-aways from the last retreat:

  1. Seek to create a space of trust and collaboration by setting clear rules and boundaries and respecting them- be at home with your family or at work with your employees/co-workers.
  2. Respect and accept another person’s  journey- no matter what.
  3. Let go of the need to have things right and perfect. This cuts off flow and creativity.
  4. Allow room for imperfection. In imperfection you will receive your most valuable gifts and insights.
  5. Cut yourself off from the need keep going at all cost. Instead, give yourself the permission to explore what play and fun would start to look or feel like in your life.
  6. When you give yourself what you need the most, you will be able to receive even more.
  7. Give yourself time to transition from one thing to the next. If you don’t, you risk accumulating stress which if left unprocessed, spills over into your home life, relationships, health and etc..

I encourage you to look where you can let go of the need to control things in your life and surrender to your own wisdom, creativity and possibility.