Stay Alert, Keep Listening

What has been playing out for you recently?

What have you been noticing, feeling or sensing?

Maybe you haven’t had time to stop to notice, feel or sense what is actually going inside of you.

Perhaps you would like to use this as an opportunity to tune in to what you notice and sense inside of you.

What and where are you sensing something in your body? Whatever comes up is relevant, timely and important for you.

Take the time to turn your attention inward and bring your awareness to that which calls your attention.

It could be a strong sensation. For example, a feeling of tightness in your chest. It could be a tingling pain in your back.

We can be too quick to dismiss what we notice or sense because we may not immediately understand it or we try to explain away all too quickly.

Each sensation is important. We just need to let it speak to us. As it speaks it unfolds and sometimes it resolves. Anything unspoken, or unfelt, cannot grow.

In the words of my dear friend Pattie:

Stay alert. Keep Listening.

Be it a sensation, a feeling, an image …it all counts. Just notice the most prominent sensation or feeling.

What is wanting your attention the most?

As you stay with it, notice if it changes into another feeling or sensation.

Just follow the Source of the next sensation.

Trust the Source of your innate intelligence as it communicates with you through your sensations or feelings.

There is no wrong or right here. Just acknowledgement and presence with whatever arises.

This requires us to slow down. It’s only in slowing down that we start to connect and feel. We get out of thinking energy and into feeling space.

When we connect to feeling, in other words noticing and sensing what is truly going on in our body we begin to:

  • Bridge the gap between our head and heart;
  • Trust in what we feel and sense;
  • Trust our decisions;
  • Strengthen our intuition;
  • Deepen our relationships;
  • Be more emotionally honest and vulnerable;

I am all too aware of how important this work is because this is the essence of how I developed trust in myself, who I am, and my purpose in this life.

It’s also the most important foundation for my clients’ transformation.

So, I’m excited to share that at the end of this I will be running a brand new online training called “Embrace Your Unique Journey”

In this online training I will teach you powerful ways to help you learn to:

  1. Transform discomfort, fear, stuckness, anxiety;
  2. Shift something which you can’t quite place your finger on;
  3. Powerful ways to work with your emotions;
  4. Learn to let go and move on;
  5. Trust and connect with yourself.

Mark your calendars for for “Embrace Your Unique Journey” online training masterclass on 31st July at 8pm AEST. 

Stay tuned for more details coming next week!