Where to from here?

This morning, on my way to school drop-off,  I noticed how ordinary life seemed: kids returning to school, parents chatting to each other, others heading to work, streets bustling with cars and cafes filling up with people again. Life appeared like everything was back to normal.

But while things may look much the same, they feel very different. Something has been effaced. The energy of how things were, is no longer.

Life seems stranger and more mysterious. There is nothing to grip onto, to get a handle on, so as to say “Aaah yes, this is how things are now”.

Our minds are trying to make sense so that we can get on with life.

But what got us here isn’t going to help us move forward anymore.

We are so used to making sense from the outside in. When we are met with something, we course-adjust using external guidepost. We look for answers on the outside.

Those willing to make sense from within will learn to adjust, adapt and trust the change. I can see this from my clients. Those willing to recognise and own their defenses have a much more solid ground to stand on during change.

We need to lean into the deepest part of ourselves to frame issues and our thinking right now

Berry Lieberman – Myths, Morals and Money Podcast

After school drop-off, I saw an acquaintance and we talked. Our conversation was different to our usual chit-chat.

We spoke about what we envisioned for the future and what was likely going to work and what wasn’t. We explored possibilities and in that very moment begun to weave a different kind of future. Having shared my vision with them, and vice-versa, something was imprinted deeper because that conversation took place.

It feels like the veil has been lifted and we are being asked to truly see the world with a fresh pair of eyes.

Knowing what we know but also being open to what we don’t know is how we can be available for change and embody the vision that we have for the world.

Vision and beliefs go hand in hand so we need to keep a check on our beliefs when we start to feel disempowered about the future so that we don’t sabotage our way to change.

We need to be available for that change through our willingness to engage and participate differently in life. We need to be willing to:

  • Ask questions we didn’t ask before.
  • Notice things we didn’t notice before.
  • Try things we would not have tried before.
  • Trust our intuition more often.
  • Listen to those we may have never listened to before.
  • Educate ourselves and read, read read!

So, be open to how things can happen and how they need to change. Most importantly have a vision for how you want to see the world.

Believe in that vision. Write about it. Talk about it with others including your family, friends, community, team and even acquaintances.

Through empowered conversations we embody our vision and enact change. 

P.S. I look forward to sharing with you Empowered Conversation Podcast, launching early June. I’m excited to bring you powerful knowledge, wisdom and tools from incredible people who’ve embraced their journey and learned tough lessons along the way to empower you to live your life fully. Stay tuned!