Power is not what you think it is

Power is an interesting word. Often when we think about someone who has power, or who is powerful we conjure imagery of someone who is in control, who has ability the do things the ‘average’ person can’t or has super human qualities.

What does power mean to you? Can you think of a time you felt powerful?

Power often feels like we’re in the driver’s seat of a situation or we have control over someone. I encourage you to broaden your thinking of power and find ways to incorporate it in a positive way into your life.

True power comes from within you. It stems from knowing exactly who you are, and what you stand for in any given situation. It’s not about control, it’s not about others. It’s about you.

To be powerful you need to be crystal clear on your values and understand how they impact your life. It’s about owning your flaws, your strengths and the accepting the unknowns.

When I think of powerful women, the movie Hidden Figures comes to mind. The women in this movie stand true to who they are no matter the prejudice they are faced. They know what they’re capable of but are also willing to be open to learn and stretch themselves.

From a leadership perspective, who do you think is powerful? Powerful leaders are not about the control they can wield. They show their power in beautiful, human centric ways. They are vulnerable. They are real and it is very clear exactly what their values are.

Jacinta Ardern is probably the most obvious powerful leader in current times. Her very authentic approach to leading her country, her compassion and ability to connect are powerful. There is no breast beating or manipulation in her version of power.

Feeling powerful is an individual thing and requires constant mindset work.

Do you accept your flaws? Are you ashamed of them? Does this lessen your self-esteem or power? In these times draw on the attributes of someone you think has power. Maybe it’s an aunt or uncle. Maybe a teacher. A media personality. When you’re in need of power can you embody that?

On day 2 of the Empowered Woman Live Retreat we focus on owning our power through thought provoking exercises. We also learn tools we can use in times that we need to centre and use our power.

I encourage you to watch this video if you’re interested in finding out more about what we achieve together on the Empowered Woman Live Retreat. Once we understand all the pieces to our puzzle, it helps us to live a life of purpose. You can join us in the journey here.

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