Momentum Through Accountability

Humans are not designed to live in isolation. We need community, we need interaction and we need connection. We need to help each other.

Having a supportive group of like-minded people can do wonders for your success. You are more likely to gain momentum when you learn from other people and their experiences, share successes together and learn new ways of thinking from each other.

In the same way, being accountable for your actions to an individual or group can help you achieve your goals (which is part of the reason why I joined an orchestra this year. More on that another time.)

When you commit to someone that you will take action, it increases your probability of success. When you make a specific time to check in with someone that you’ve taken the action, your likelihood of success skyrockets!

That’s exactly what we do in The Empowered Woman Inner Circle Program.


When you join the year long circle, you receive:

  • 12 regular monthly calls with me so you can gain the momentum and accountability needed to stay on track and aligned with your mission and purpose
  • 12 regular monthly calls with guest speakers that allow you to continue working deeper within the Empowerment Process, to guide you through challenges and growth cycles and help you expand your potential with more ease and flow.
  • And other cool bonuses!

This is over $2,997 worth of practical value that you can use every day of your life.

One of our ongoing members said:

Suzi’s calls are always relatable to my own experiences and so timely! The guest speaker calls are eye opening and conversations are accessible. I continue to grow as a person and achieve what I thought was once out of reach”.

I will be your mentor and coach. I bring to the circle over 20 years of experience working in the field of clinical, coaching psychology, entrepreneurship. At the core of my work is helping you unpack who you are, what is important to you and what you want. And to help you reflect, stay on track and keep moving forward to achieve your dream life.

All calls are delivered live and recorded for you to be able to access at any time during the year of circle membership.

A one time investment of $797 is available until 31 January- which is today! Join your empowered tribe now to inspire you to grow and succeed!


There is Never Enough Time and It’s Never the Right Time

How often do you find yourself wishing you could do something, but immediately dismiss the idea because you think you’re too busy? There’s too much housework to do, children need to be at activities or work is taking priority?

Time never exists on its own. It’s what happens in it. You have to shape it. You have to give it meaning.

– Esther Perel

You can not create more time. So, you need to use what you’ve got wisely!

It’s a common mistake to fill our time with ‘stuff’ or clutter making us believe that we don’t have enough time to do things for ourselves, or use the excuse that it’s not the right time. There’s always next week, next month, next year. But that time just never seems to come around.

We need to take the time that we have and use it to grow. To live, to dream, to do. As women we often tend to the needs of our families, prioritising them over ourselves and what we need and want in order to live a meaningful and purpose driven life. I see it time and time again. Women take a long time to say yes to something they want deep down.

It’s time to make the time.

Invest in who you are and in your dreams. You will always find an excuse not to do it because you’re scared of not living up to your own expectations. Don’t just take my word for it though.

“It’s so important to invest in yourself, and as women we don’t tend to do that often enough. Give yourself the permission to do something your future self will thank you for.” – Janja Bojanic, B2B Relationship Expert, Connection Consulting

“Suzi not only supports you but also shares her own life experiences. This keeps it real and creates a safe environment to share and not feel judged. Seems, we are all similar in the way we sabotage our full potential.  Suzi helps guide you into having further insight into YOU and what matters to YOU. It’s not about rehashing life but all about moving forward.” – Bernadette Payne, Founder of  “That’s My Style”.

Will you be moving forward with us? The Empowered Woman Retreat early bird closes today. Now is the right time.

It’s All Part of the Journey

It’s been quite an interesting time of late!

Over the last month I’ve given myself time and space to integrate challenging emotional shifts.

I felt like I was being dealt a deck of difficult cards and I wanted to understand the rules and get on with with living my life because that’s what I do.

I wanted to grow and integrate these intense emotions quickly because I like to name my elephants and move on!

A client and I were sharing yesterday how growth, in expansive phase, can feel addictive. We love it because we feel powerful whereas contraction is something we tend to resist and usually avoid.

Contraction is when we need to slow down to integrate, feel, express and experience those intense emotions.

When we are contracting or in a state of “I don’t know what is going on or why I’m feeling what I’m feeling” we can’t see much further beyond what we are experiencing.

And just as well because when we are contracting we need to let go of what is out there and surrender to contraction or “shedding shit”-  a phrase we came to use often at our last level 2 retreat. Needless to say it was embraced by everyone! (Level 2 is a retreat for women who’ve attended The Empowered Woman Retreat ).

Contraction is important for our well-being and journey. It helps us heal and gives us insight into the next part of our journey.

But we don’t like it because we don’t like not knowing and feeling the intensity of our negative emotions.

And like with anything we don’t understand we seek to understand  by asking questions such as:

  • What does this mean?
  • What do I need to do?
  • What should I do?
  • How do I stop this or get out of this?

Staying in the question is important but challenging because it means asking but not doing. 

We ask these questions because it’s an in-built part of our growth mechanism.

There is nothing wrong with this when it’s done patiently but we mostly want to hurry the process and by-pass the experiencing and expressing part of contraction.

Yet this very process is what helps us to reposition our power. It’s how we gain insight, derive meaning and awaken our potential.

Questioning and doubting are inherent part of these experiences. They go hand in hand and their role is to help us check-in and stay aligned with our truth.

But too much self-doubt is also not good as it can lead to depression, anxiety and apathy.

When we understand the role of doubt and questioning we don’t need to have a strong hold on it.

Acknowledge it and allow yourself to drop into it without having to have a hold on what it is. We are being asked to dive deep into darkness.

Stay in doubt but do so with trust. Know that doubt is essential.

Doubt is a gift of insight and it’s part of our inner guidance system. 

If you ready to integrate challenging and contracting times in your life, you’ll learn how to do that at The Empowered Woman Retreat. Together we will dive deep to reclaim and realign your truth and own your fears.

The early birds, ends soon. Join us for your unique powerful transformation. YOUR JOURNEY BEGINS HERE.


How Emotions Show Up In Your Body

Humans are intrinsically emotional beings. We are designed to express our emotions freely and openly, however many people tend to suppress emotions such as shame, fear and anger.

Whatever the reason, suppressing emotions can have an impact on your physical as well as mental health. It can show up in tense muscles in your neck and shoulders, inflammation, chronic health problems and even gut issues.

When we are emotionally triggered, or charged, we also end up projecting on to others unresolved or suppressed emotions. This is a missed opportunity for growth.

In my new 6- week course Master Your Emotions, Activate Your Brilliance we explore this notion further; of how negative emotions can manifest in our body if left unresolved.

I’m looking forward to our first group call for my new program Master Your Emotions, Activate Your Brilliance. This group call has been postponed for 18th September at 8pm AEST.  So it’s not too late to enrol!

Master Your Emotions, Activate Your Brilliance

This course is for you if you ready to:

  • Better manage your emotions;
  • Learn tools to deal with other people’s confronting emotions;
  • Stop feeling ’emotionally drained’;
  • Discover more about yourself through the powerful language of your emotions.

If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to reply to this email and ask away!


Look forward to helping you activate your brilliance.

The Next Step

Most of us are good at understanding our emotions but unfortunately, we are not that great at experiencing and expressing what we feel. We know when we are angry, fearful or hurt and why it happened. And that’s great!

But what do you do with this?

If we don’t give ourselves permission to feel the emotion or express how we feel, then it leaks into all areas of our life. Anger left to simmer turns into resentment. Fear left unexpressed can turn into deep anxiety. Hurt left untouched can manifest in hostility. All very powerful emotions that continue to build in our lives and affect our relationships and prevent us from living our best lives.

So how can we stop this from happening?

We need to allow ourselves to firstly feel the emotion. It’s ok to feel these ‘negative’ emotions. Don’t brush it aside and move on. Feeling and reflecting are the key to firstly unlock the emotion. (If you missed my recent Masterclass on how to do this, you can watch the replay here).

The next step is to master your emotions.

By this I mean understanding how to turn your emotions around and lift that heavy feeling that gets lodged in your body when you hang on to emotions that do not serve you. When we master our emotions, it allows us the freedom to reconnect to ourselves. And that is truly liberating!

Master Your Emotions, Activate Your Brilliance is my new 6 week program that can help you do exactly this.

With a combination of self study and weekly access to me through live group calls you will learn how to:

  • Use emotions intelligently;
  • Understand the purpose of different emotions;
  • Better understand your emotions;
  • Express and experience your emotions;
  • Change your emotions;

Use reflection when trying to understand our emotions.

Master Your Emotions, Activate Your Brilliance

Program starts Wednesday 28 August, so grab your spot now!

I look forward to helping you lift the weight of your emotions so you can reconnect to the woman you are supposed to be.

Curiosity Doesn’t Kill You. It Makes You Stronger

Life is one big learning curve. We are constantly thrown challenges to overcome and obstacles to manoeuvre around. How we learn from these challenges and integrate them into our lives is entirely up to us.

Part of our challenge is consciously deciding how to use these lessons to embrace our unique journey. To do this requires curiosity and presence to the unknown.

If you’re feeling curious on how to step into your challenges and emotions, join me for an hour in my live Masterclass “Unlock the Power of Your Emotions“.

How can you be curious today? You may like to journal on or think about:

  • Who you are in this point of your life
  • What things are important to you
  • Why you feel the way you do
  • How to learn more about yourself from the challenges you face
  • The reason these changes are happening

Such big, hairy questions and answering them is easier said than done!

At the core of these questions is that knowing ourselves is an inside job. We can start on the outside of course, but it will all eventually lead us to the work that is needed to be done on the inside.

It is our responsibility to claim ourselves. No one else can do it for us. The question is though, how do we actually make a start? Make the first step towards change and a more purposeful life?

Unlock the Power of Your Emotions” will provide you with the knowledge and tools to learn to trust and connect with yourself and begin to feel more confident. You will get clarity on feelings or sensations you don’t yet understand to move towards a more purposeful life.

Join me at 8pm on Wednesday 31 July. You can reserve your spot here. I can’t wait to share your curiosity with you!


Stay Alert, Keep Listening

What has been playing out for you recently?

What have you been noticing, feeling or sensing?

Maybe you haven’t had time to stop to notice, feel or sense what is actually going inside of you.

Perhaps you would like to use this as an opportunity to tune in to what you notice and sense inside of you.

What and where are you sensing something in your body? Whatever comes up is relevant, timely and important for you.

Take the time to turn your attention inward and bring your awareness to that which calls your attention.

It could be a strong sensation. For example, a feeling of tightness in your chest. It could be a tingling pain in your back.

We can be too quick to dismiss what we notice or sense because we may not immediately understand it or we try to explain away all too quickly.

Each sensation is important. We just need to let it speak to us. As it speaks it unfolds and sometimes it resolves. Anything unspoken, or unfelt, cannot grow.

In the words of my dear friend Pattie:

Stay alert. Keep Listening.

Be it a sensation, a feeling, an image …it all counts. Just notice the most prominent sensation or feeling.

What is wanting your attention the most?

As you stay with it, notice if it changes into another feeling or sensation.

Just follow the Source of the next sensation.

Trust the Source of your innate intelligence as it communicates with you through your sensations or feelings.

There is no wrong or right here. Just acknowledgement and presence with whatever arises.

This requires us to slow down. It’s only in slowing down that we start to connect and feel. We get out of thinking energy and into feeling space.

When we connect to feeling, in other words noticing and sensing what is truly going on in our body we begin to:

  • Bridge the gap between our head and heart;
  • Trust in what we feel and sense;
  • Trust our decisions;
  • Strengthen our intuition;
  • Deepen our relationships;
  • Be more emotionally honest and vulnerable;

I am all too aware of how important this work is because this is the essence of how I developed trust in myself, who I am, and my purpose in this life.

It’s also the most important foundation for my clients’ transformation.

So, I’m excited to share that at the end of this I will be running a brand new online training called “Embrace Your Unique Journey”

In this online training I will teach you powerful ways to help you learn to:

  1. Transform discomfort, fear, stuckness, anxiety;
  2. Shift something which you can’t quite place your finger on;
  3. Powerful ways to work with your emotions;
  4. Learn to let go and move on;
  5. Trust and connect with yourself.

Mark your calendars for for “Embrace Your Unique Journey” online training masterclass on 31st July at 8pm AEST. 

Stay tuned for more details coming next week!

A Few Lessons to Embrace Your Journey

It’s two weeks since The Empowered Woman Live Retreat and I wanted to share a few reflections which I hope will help you, wherever you may be on your journey of growth and evolution.

At the retreat I was joined by an intimate group of women who came for the same reason:

  • to rediscover and reconnect to who they are;
  • to grow and develop;
  • to move forward in life with confidence and trust.

Our coming together was founded on trust, vulnerability and respect for one another other. This helped create a safe space in which we could be vulnerable. Only when we are vulnerable can we truly grow.

As a facilitator, now more than ever, I realise how important my role is in allowing the retreat to be all that it needs to be.

What do I mean by this?

Leading up to the retreat, more than ever, I took time out to be, reflect, contemplate, journal, rest and nourish myself. I allowed myself to play and meander. I wrote about this in my last blog.

How and what I do leading up to each retreat is very important to me because it determines how I show up at the retreat.

There wasn’t a whole lot of preparation that needed to happen. And yes, this makes sense given this was my eighth retreat. Still, I think I could have done a lot more of this even in my earlier retreats. Instead, I spent a lot of time looking over my slides, figuring out if they needed to be lighter or darker in colour or if the design was right!

I dropped pretences of who I thought I needed to be and instead showed up fully. It was just me and the women. We were in purposeful flow.

We worked in partnership and collaborative trust. They trusted me. I trusted them. I believed in them.

I listened. I sensed. I intuited. I felt. I trusted. I acted.

We created. 

As I stayed grounded in myself I was able to trust myself and create the space for women to do the same:

  • to trust in the process and most importantly trust themselves in the processes;
  • to delve deep, connect, discover, learn and embody who they are.

It was a beautiful co-creation of possibility, curiosity, growth, insight and love.

I didn’t walk away from the retreat feeling tired or exhausted. As I gave to them, I gave to myself too.

We all needed some down-time to process and just be without having to move into the next thing.

Having some transition time to move from one thing to the next is important. It helps us filter through, process, make meaning and be open to receive more.

So on Day 3 of the retreat, we gave ourselves time to sleep in and rest.

When we give ourselves what we need then we are able to receive even more.

My first retreat wasn’t like this. I was more controlling in how things needed to unfold. I was worried about doing things right.

So here are a few lessons and take-aways from the last retreat:

  1. Seek to create a space of trust and collaboration by setting clear rules and boundaries and respecting them- be at home with your family or at work with your employees/co-workers.
  2. Respect and accept another person’s  journey- no matter what.
  3. Let go of the need to have things right and perfect. This cuts off flow and creativity.
  4. Allow room for imperfection. In imperfection you will receive your most valuable gifts and insights.
  5. Cut yourself off from the need keep going at all cost. Instead, give yourself the permission to explore what play and fun would start to look or feel like in your life.
  6. When you give yourself what you need the most, you will be able to receive even more.
  7. Give yourself time to transition from one thing to the next. If you don’t, you risk accumulating stress which if left unprocessed, spills over into your home life, relationships, health and etc..

I encourage you to look where you can let go of the need to control things in your life and surrender to your own wisdom, creativity and possibility.

Are you a Mental Hoarder?

Have you heard of the term mental hoardering?

Mental hoardering is when we clutter our mind with too much worry or overthinking. We think about something which has happened or that which hasn’t yet happened and we mull over it for weeks on end.

This is how anxiety and depression are born.

Mental pressure, unreasonable expectations and a heavy sense of obligation can all lead to mental hoardering, as can an overwhelming sense of guilt which is the biggest drain of your mental and physical energy.

When there is hoardering there is no space for creativity, new ideas, insight and inspiration to emerge. This equates to lack of empowered action.

Think about it in terms of a cluttered physical space: it becomes stagnant, dark and overwhelming. It’s a room no one likes to go to. It becomes wasted space.  And unfortunately, this how potential is wasted.

As such one becomes blind to the beauty and opportunity that surrounds them. They miss the five year old that has just passed by and smiled at them, just because. Or they miss the opportunity that awaits them because they are blind to it.

To help us mentally declutter we must be at peace with nothingness.

What do I mean by this? Nothingness is about creating space for ourselves intentionally, to do nothing and just be. No agenda. Crazy right?

It can be a little scary when we give ourselves the permission to be in nothingness, that place where not much happens. Our ego find space, emptiness or void very threatening. Our ego likes to be busy.

It has taken me a while but I have finally succumbed to the art of surrendering to being by giving myself the permission to do so.

I tend to do this leading up to big projects or events such as retreats or presentations. This seems almost counterintuitive because a part of me says you need to get busy preparing but deep down I know that if I don’t do this I will create unnecessary clutter and worry.

I’ll go on long walks, have meandering kind of conversations with people I would not otherwise meet. And in these conversations something amazing happens. Once I got inspiration for a process that I used in my retreat. Another time, I met a woman who ended up coming to my retreat and turning her life around. This is worth surrendering for!

But we need to know how to be in nothingness.

How to let the waves of life carry us through the tunnel of nothingness and not freak out. Your first experience of coming into nothingness may not go well. It takes practice.

At first it can be like a running tap with so many things being released and washed out.

What I can say from practicing the art of surrendering to being is that it connects me to my presence, my power and my purpose which are The Empowerment Principles I teach my clients. This helps them step into their presence, power and purpose and live life in alignment with who they truly are.

I get surges of creativity, insight and clarity on where my life needs to go next. Decision making and action-taking are a lot more effortful.

I usually experience this urge to do nothing about once a month, or every two months. This doesn’t need to be long. It could be 2 hours a week or a whole day just dedicated to being. To pottering and letting myself be or even discovering what does this being look like or feel like. It usually coincides leading up to my menstrual cycle. Take note women because it’s your body’s way of letting you know that you need to stop and recharge.

It may take some time to acquaint yourself with this practice.

In our busy lives we are convinced that keeping busy and measuring our productivity brings more productivity, results, money and fulfilment. On paper maybe it does. But not deep down and I know you would agree with me on this.

I see people sabotage their life and the opportunity to experience fulfilment and meaning by remaining chronically busy, erratic and unfocused.

When we remain a slave to leading a busy life we lack a strong foundation upon which to enter the next chapter of our life. Wrong decisions can be made.

The next Empowered Woman Live Retreat is next Friday.  My biggest preparation for the retreat isn’t sitting down in front of the computer and organising my slides. (But yes, some of that does happen after I’ve allowed myself to get present and clear).

Instead, my preparation is focused on becoming a conduit of presence and connection so that I can open up to whatever needs to happen leading up to the retreat and at the retreat to guide women through their breakthroughs and transformation.

I encourage you to make time for nothingness in your life this weekend. Be present enough to connect to your needs and the wisdom that lies deep within you. Your truth.

I want you to try it, so you can emerge out of your busyness, confusion and overwhelm and be ready to embrace the opportunities that are waiting to meet you.

The Most Powerful Antidote to Stress

My most powerful stress relief is laughter.

I love a good laugh. In fact, my most endearing relationships are ones in which we have shared a lot of laughter over the years, be it over hardship or something really funny.

When there is shared laughter, a lot of healing and cleansing happens.

When we laugh, we awaken our creativity which helps us reconnect and get into flow with life.

When was the last time you had good ol’ belly laugh?

A good belly laugh opens us up to life and renews our perspective on things. Suddenly, what was overwhelming and confusing can seem more manageable and achievable.

Laughter squeezes and massages our internal organs, especially our stomach and spleen which in Chinese medicine is associated with worry and anxiety when things are out of balance. So a good belly laugh helps release anxiety and stress because the feel-good endorphins are in full swing.

I love the laughs that make me cry. In fact, I’m known for crying when I laugh hard.  It doesn’t take much to make me laugh. I do appreciate this quality about myself. 🙂

I had a really good laugh last Saturday night at something I did. I went out with a group of close girlfriends with whom I’ve shared some amazing laughs over the years. This is a group of women I’ve known since we’ve had our children. So laughter has helped see us through some seriously sleep-deprived nights and other low moments on our motherhood journey.

We went out to a restaurant and soon after we arrived I had to use the bathroom. As I walked through the main door leading through to the bathroom there were three other doors: one for women, one for accessible and one for men’s toilets.

The light was dim so I made sure to look closely at the sign to ensure I went to the right bathroom – as you would.

When I was done, I was washing my hands and something called for my attention to look to my left. When I looked to the left, I saw three urinals on the wall! I immediately thought to myself: Hang on! What?! Why are there urinals in here?!  I wasn’t thinking that I may have gone in the wrong bathroom I was thinking, why are there urinals in the women’s toilets?

I found myself deciding I no longer need to dry my hands, or put on the fancy hand moisturiser and swiftly made an exit before I saw anyone else come in or out of the bathroom.

As I came out I could hardly contain my laughter! This led to some jolly-good belly laughs at our dinner table.

What was even funnier, is that as another girlfriend went to the toilet, thinking how could Suzi get this wrong, while looking at the sign on the door, a man came out of the women’s bathroom just as she was about to walk in! This sure made for a funny and interesting night!

So, how can you open up to more laughter in your life?

Here are a few suggestions:

1) Think back to something funny which happened in your life.

2) Watch a funny show or movie – I watched Despicable 2 with my girls and that made me and the girls laugh so much. Seinfeld is the go-to-for my husband. I love being around him when he laughs while watching the show because it makes me laugh just hearing him laugh.  Laughter is contagious!

3) Set the intention that you want to laugh more in life – especially if life has been tough. You will soon be laughing your way through life!

4) Find something that reminds you of laughter e.g. maybe photos of your children or pets. Put them somewhere visible to remind you not to take things too seriously.

Here’s to a long weekend full of laughter and creating funny memories with loved ones.